September 10, 2020 2 min read

We bought you some easiest tips and tricks to get a stylish hairstyle in less than a minute.

1. Quick Temple Twist 

Got a stubborn stray hair or two that just won't carry on today? Don't sweat it. Grab a segment of hair around the temple, curve it around your fingers a couple of times and secure it with a clasp or barrette. Ruffle the remainder of your hair or wind it into a messy bun. You can likewise take equivalent areas on the two sides and secure them behind the crown of the head for a half-up hairdo, ideal for quite a long time when you don't want your hairs on your face.

2. Scarf Braid

This runway-ready style looks so unfathomably stylish and it's shockingly simple to create. Secure a low braid with one finish of a silk scarf. Split the braid into two areas on either side of the rest of the tail of the scarf and begin plaiting the scarf with the two segments of hair until you arrive at the base. When about an inch or two of scarf is left, tie it around the hair that is left and you are good to go

3. Wavy Half-Up Style 

If you got those beautiful curly hairs you can enjoy a quick new look easily by gathering the top segment of hair and pulling it around and over the crown, and securing it with a hair accessory. This is especially convenient for the times time when moistness or hair conditions are not exactly ideal.

4. Add Volume

One of the easiest and classy tricks to style short hair for work is to include volume. If you have length of top instead of bottom, a couple of carefully positioned curls and a bit of hair spray can truly change the game. Turn on the hair curler or spot a few rollers at the crown while you brush your teeth. At the point when you're ready to go, just release your hairs, spray and enjoy the look.

5. The Wet and Forget it look

One reason a considerable lot of us trim our hair short is to trim down on the time it takes to prepare every day. Utilize your low maintenance short hairs to your advantage by going for the wet look. Dampen your hairs and slick it down, back, and behind your ears. A hint of gel will secure things giving you a sexy wet look.

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