April 29, 2022 2 min read

The beauty world is all about trends and fresh styles. Whether it’s nail art, make-up looks, or hit hairdos, the cosmetology arena is always coming up with new ideas for fashionistas to try. And this season, there is yet another fashion fad in the market; the trendy tape-in hair extensions. 

Tape-ins are the latest hair-related phenomenon used to give people voluminous hair within seconds. That's right! These hair-add-ons have become the talk of the town for their quick and easy application and, of course, the unbelievably natural-looking results. If you want to learn all about these tape-ins, here is a detailed guide to fill you in on all the deets!

What Are Tape-Ins?

As the name implies, tape-ins are hair extensions that are taped to the wearer’s natural hair with the weft present at the top of every piece. In simple words, every hair extension comes with a weft on top that you peel away, exposing the medical-aid glue, which then sticks the natural locks with the fake ones. 

Tape extensions blend into the user's hair organically, adding to the overall volume of your locks. 

How Do You Use Tape-Ins?

As touched upon above, tape-ins are essentially 'taped' to one's hair with the weft coated in medical-use adhesive, which is exposed once the cover is removed. 

Now all you need to do is take some of your locks and sandwich them between the tape-ins. Simply put, you will take two streaks of faux hair, place one of them underneath the tuft of hair you want to attach the extensions to, and the other one on top. Subsequently, the extensions will stick to one another, sandwiching your natural hair in between. 

While applying tape-ins is relatively simpler, and one can do it without professional help, having a hair expert do it is always better. That said, if you still wish to do the job yourself, be sure to leave some space from the roots of your hair to stick your tape-ins. If these hair extensions get taped to the scalp, they will become difficult to remove, not to mention damage the tissue. 

Removing Tape-Ins

A diluted solution is used to break down the adhesive molecules, loosening up the fake locks, which can then be removed with minimal effort. Doing so may seem straightforward, but it's better to get a hair stylist to do it, at least the first time. 

Who Should Use Tape-Ins?

Tape-ins are exceptionally easy to use and give realistic results, so they are basically perfect for everyone. However, they serve people with thin hair the best who wish to make their mane look lush and voluminous. 

Final Thoughts

Tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent add-ons, ideal for people on the go. If you want to make your locks bulky without the fake ones sticking out prominently, tape-ins are for you! 

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