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Hair coloring might seem like a pretty simple process. Actually it is, but at times we tend to overcomplicate it. With that being said we will discover 5 hair coloring mistakes people tend to make unknowingly. These coloring mistakes can cause more harm than good to your hair and can be completely overlooked even by the most experienced players in the hair coloring game. These mistakes might even be stopping you from getting your dream hair color! But no need to worry as our staff here at Cheveux Luxury has your back.
Now let's ,explore some of these coloring mistakes;

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1. Choosing the wrong color

You don't  buy your clothes just by looking at the packaging so why do it with your hair color. Every person has a different type of hair so if it works for your friend that doesn't mean it would work on you. Choose hair color according to your hair type. Avoid cheap drugstore hair color that may damage your hair, opt for quality products that will do your hair justice. Also choose the shade very carefully. If you are new to hair coloring go for 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your original hair color. If in doubt, always go for the lighter one.


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2. Using Wrong Tools

  Yes, there are tools that are made specifically to be used for hair coloring. Always use soft brushes for application and keep replacing them every now and then. Never use metal containers or tools for application as metal can react with chemicals present in the hair dyes. This can cause unpredictable behavior of color. Plastic, glass or porcelain tools should be used for hair coloring.


3. Washing the hair before Coloring.

A natural barrier is present on the scalp that helps with better color deposition and reduces irritation. Washing the hair removes this barrier. So, Hair dyes should be applied on your hair 1-2 days after it has been washed. Also, avoid using any hair styling product just before coloring. 


4. Getting The Timing Wrong

  Getting the timing right of leaving your hair color applied on your hair is really important. If you remove it early it can result in uneven color application. Leaving it for too long can lead to very dark colored hair. Long duration application can also cause itching and discomfort. So,you should do a strand and patch tests 48 hours before each application. These tests not only help in determining the time required for perfect shade but also helps in allergy diagnosis. 


5. Not using color post treatment 

 You should not skip this step and people do it too often. Color post treatment neutralizes oxidation residues and helps in color stabilizing. So if you want your shiny new hair color to remain the same for a long time remember to use a color post treatment. Also, avoid using deep cleansing or anti-dandruff shampoos as they can be aggressive on hair color.


Bonus Tip:- Use two different shades of color to get a more natural look.


That’s all for today!


See you again in next week's blog, 

Till then Look Smart, Be Confident and Let Your Hair Do The Taking.

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