April 18, 2022 3 min read

Getting hair extensions is considered one of the easiest ways to transform one's hair, and rightfully so! All you need is some locks of hair to attach to your natural tresses, and voila, you have a voluminous head of hair ready to party! But while hair extensions are easy to put in for a new look, they do require some TLC in order to stay in tiptop condition. If you place them in and forget about them, letting them get tangled and damaged, they will not last long on your head. 

To put it simply, hair extensions must be maintained right to remain lush and bulky. If not, be ready to bid farewell to your faux hair tresses. However, the good news is that looking after hair extensions is pretty straightforward. If you wish to do so, here are some tips for maintaining hair extensions at home. 

Wash Them Correctly

First of all, pick out gentle shampoo to wash your hair extensions, as harsh formulations can damage them. If you don't know which product will work for your hair, ask your hair stylist for recommendations. 

Once you have the right shampoo, massage it in your roots well to get to the excess oil/dirt that's accumulated over time. To rinse it off, stand under the shower and let the water wash away the product gently. Don't get aggressive and rumple your hair to remove the shampoo, as doing so will tangle your extensions. 

Sleep After Your Hair Is Dried

Nothing feels more soothing than slumping on a pillow while your hair is a little damp. However, you must avoid doing that if you have extensions. 

Wet hair extensions are more likely to get into knots and become a mess than those dried. And unlike natural hair that you can comb a little aggressively, hair extensions require gentle combing, which may be inadequate for untangling fake locks. 

Moreover, if you have tape-ins, their adhesive may break away when you toss and turn with wet hair extensions on, resulting in loose strands that will eventually come off, and you don't want that!

Brush Gently

As mentioned earlier, you can get a bit harsh when combing your natural hair (although you shouldn't as that results in breakage), but you cannot do the same with extensions because they will get damaged if they don't come off immediately.

Start from the bottom of your locks and move your way up to open up all the knots in your hair without struggle. And be gentle with your ministrations.   

Get Conditioning Every Week

To keep your hair extensions shiny and gorgeous, get them conditioned weekly by a professional. Don't try to do it yourself as you do not have the expert knowledge and skill an experienced hair stylist does. 

If you want your hair tresses to remain voluminous and as attractive as they can be, get professional conditioning every other week. 

Don’t Expose Your Hair to Heat

Yes, you read that right; you need to keep your hair safe from heat to allow your extensions to last long. That means you will have to tone down your daily ironing or blow-drying. If not, you will reduce the longevity and vitality of your hair extensions, resulting in damaged hair. 

Ending Note

Maintaining hair extensions at home may seem challenging, but it's not. If you remain mindful of your choices and do not expose your hair to any harsh treatment, you can keep your extensions healthy. And as a result, they will last a while! 

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