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Looking after one's hair is not easy, period! After all, so much effort and products go into haircare, so it's only natural to feel a bit vexed taking care of your locks. That holds for not only own hair but also hair extensions. Whether it's clip-in, tape-in, or halo extensions, all kinds of hairpieces require some level of tender love and care. Ponytail extensions are also no different in that regard; they need to be treated well to stay shiny and voluminous.

Often, clip-on ponytail users overlook the significance of having a care routine for their extension and end up with a rough-looking and tangled ponytail. If you don't want that to happen to you, you must take all the right measures to keep your ponytail extension bouncy and luscious. Don't know how to do that? Well, you are in luck because we do. Here are all the tricks and tips of ponytail haircare.

Wash Often

Like natural hair, ponytail extension needs washing every so often because it absorbs some of the oils that release from the scalp. As a result, it becomes gunky and loses its sheen. Therefore, washing your ponytail extension is a must. That said, how often one needs to cleanse their clip-on pony will depend on their use.

Let's say you wear your ponytail extension every day, exposing it to scalp oil daily. In that case, you should wash your hair add-on at least once or twice a month.

Always remember that moderation is key when washing hair extensions. If you do it excessively, you will damage your ponytail, and if you do it sparingly, you will spoil it.

Bonus Tip

When cleansing the shampoo out of your ponytail, put it under the running stream of water and gently finger comb through the length to wash all the product. Don't scrub the shampoo out, as doing so is not good for hair extensions. 

A person with their blonde hair tied in a ponytail

A Blonde Girl

Use Gentle Shampoo

There are many kinds of shampoo available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for your hair. Similar is the case with ponytail extensions. They don’t react well to harsh chemicals, which means if you use a synthetic product, you will damage your ponytail and reduce its longevity.

As a general rule of thumb, use organic shampoos and conditioners for your human hair ponytails. More importantly, stay away from all hair products that contain sulfate, as it's a harmful chemical that sucks all the shine and volume from extensions.

Don’t Blow-Dry

Blow-drying may give you bouncy natural locks, but it doesn't do so for ponytail extensions. If you wear a clip-on ponytail, don't blow-dry it; instead, stick to the traditional towel drying technique. 

A girl in a robe blow drying

A Girl Blow-Drying Hair

Brush Regularly

Brushing is another essential step in ponytail care. If you don’t brush your clip-on pony regularly, you will have to deal with angry knots, which will pull on the clips when you try to smooth them out forcefully.

To avoid all that hassle, brush your ponytail extension every other day using a wide-toothed comb. Using the proper hair care tools is crucial in looking after clip-on ponytails. If you choose a narrow-toothed comb, one with a rat-tail end, you will damage the roots or clips of your extension. Therefore, be very careful about the brush you pick out to treat your ponytail.

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