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Eyelash extensions are a trend making headway in the beauty industry. You may have opted in getting your own glamorous eyelash extensions installed, but there will come a time where you want your extensions removed, whether it be to try a new style or rock the natural look. Whatever your intentions are, removing your eyelash extensions can be difficult  especially if you are a beginner. No need to worry because our team at Cheveux Luxury is here to help. Here is a step by step guide on the proper way to remove your eyelash extensions. 

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Should you try removing your Eyelash Extensions by yourself?
Before we begin, you may be wondering if you really should be removing the lashes by yourself. That is a good question as it is advised to seek professional help when attempting to remove your Eyelash Extensions. Usually eyelash extensions are installed with a high grade adhesive that is water and dust proof. As a result, the extensions won't come off very easily. You may end up damaging your natural lashes or even the skin near your eyes. Therefore it is recommended that you leave it to a pro to remove your eyelash extensions. But if you are DIY individual such as myself and confident that you will be able to remove them by yourself, here is a step by step guide that will help you in that task:- 
Step1:- Wash your face 
Firstly, you should wash your face. This will help remove all the dirt or any other debris that might be present on your lashes. This also removes any leftover makeup. 
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Step 2:- Take a warm bath 
Then you should take a bath with warm water. This will help to loosen up the bonds between the glue and your eyelashes. You can also use steam for the same effect. 
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Step 3:- Apply Oil based cleanser/ glue dissolver
You might remember your makeup artist telling you not to apply oil based cleanser on your new lashes as it may damage them. However, when it comes to removing them it's your best friend. The oil based cleanser will loosen up the bonds of the glue of the lashes and make them easy to remove. You can also opt for a professional glue dissolver but it can be harsh on your eyes. 
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Step 4:- Remove your lashes
The glue bonds should be weak enough at this point to allow you to remove your lashes. Wipe them off softly and slowly, they should start coming off on their own. Remember to be extremely gentle in this step. You should not pull or twist your lashes while performing this step. 
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Step 5:- Wash your face 
Lastly, wash your face gently with water. This will remove any remaining extensions left on your lashes or your face along with any oils. Gently dab your eyes and face with a towel. Congratulations! you have successfully removed your eyelash extensions. Kudos to you!
Pro Tip:- Try applying mascara everyday a week or two before performing the removal procedure. Mascara application each day will loosen and weaken the glue bonds to make it easier to remove when you are applying the lash removal process above.
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That’s all for today!
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Till then Look Smart, Be Confident and Let Your Hair Do The Taking.

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