November 10, 2021 1 min read

Hi there! I am back again with another blog post, this time providing a video showcasing our I-Tips!

Before I get into it, I tips are hair extensions that connect onto your hair, through metal cylinders and flattened microbeads. They are individual sections of hair which are joined to an individual's own hair making it for a very easy and fast install which doesn’t require you to braid the hair at the scalp beforehand.

There is minimal stress on your hair as its not being connected from your scalp, this means that you can style your hair effortlessly and comfortably.

Now this is a type of hair extension that have been around for a while but is now slowly moving into the Kinky Curly space as a lot of our Curly hair chicas are getting more and more into these types of hair extensions. Why wouldn't they? They allow for a very versatile install with minimal stress on your natural hair. 

Anyways, let me get into this video so you can see more. Please like, subscribe and share with your friends and family. Also tell me what you think about these extensions!


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