June 30, 2021 1 min read




I tips are hair extensions that connect onto your hair, through metal cylinders and flattened microbeads. They are individual sections of hair which are joined to the individuals own hair. I-tips are very easy and fast to install, there is no need to braid the hair at the scalp beforehand. There is minimal stress on your hair as its not being connected from your scalp, this means that you can style your hair effortlessly and comfortably. Due to our hair being sourced from healthy human donors, you can use any tools with heat and dyes, but still be at ease as the hair is of premium quality, which ensures that there is minimal damage to the hair.


I tips are a great choice for those who have pre-existing healthy hair, they are perfect for those who have hair which is free of chemicals from perms or relaxers. This is because, i-tips can sometimes weigh your hair down, so its important that the hair that’s being connected to them is strong, which avoids any unwanted and unnecessary hair loss.


Here at Cheveux Luxury we have a large variety of I-tips, ranging in hair texture, colour, length, style and more. You are sure to find your perfect match to suit your style!

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