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Ponytail extensions are one of the most versatile, easy to use and long lasting extensions and we want to tell you all there is to know about them, where to get them and how to wear and take care of them!

Price 💸

Typically ponytail attachments and extensions cost between 80 - 200 dollars. At our store you can see that most go for about 150 dollars. The price is usually indicative of the quality and how long the ponytail will last so they are usually well worth the price.

Purchasing extensions rather than a multitude of products to style your own hair can prove to be cost effective and time saving.

Styles 💇

Ponytails are good to hide hair damage such as split ends, it also adds length and volume to short hair.

These extensions are quick and easy to apply. If you have to be at work in a short amount of time or have an event you did not get your hair done for, a ponytail extension can save the day! On top of that they allow you to try something new. You can try a straight or more curly hair texture or change the color of the hair if you don't mind not matching your existing hair.

Ponytails can be turned into braids and buns as well giving you more hair to work with, without having to wait for your hair to be longer.

Installation and Care 📦

There are two types of ponytail extensions. There is the drawstring ponytail and the wrap around/ clip-in ponytails.

Drawstring ponytail

Wrap around ponytail

If you are using a drawstring ponytail extension, put your hair into a bun and place the mesh section of the extension on top, then pull the adjuster to tighten it. 

If you are using a wrap around ponytail, first tie your own hair into a secure ponytail and use the wrap section ribbon or fabric of the extension as a secondary hair tie and secure it with bobby pins and clips. And just like that both types of extensions are easily installed!

Keep your extensions in a dry, safe place in a bag or box so they do not get tangled. If your extension is real hair make sure to give it care by washing and conditioning it as needed after styling. If you want to learn more on how to care for synthetic or real human hair extensions visit our blog post here!

Lifespan ⌛

The life of extensions always depends on the initial quality of the hair, the environment you expose it to and the frequency you use it. If ponytail extensions are used every week depending on what you are doing and where you are they can last from 6 months to a year generally speaking.

Notes 📝

Of course ponytail extensions are not permanent and they are also not supposed to be worn for long periods of time. Make sure you give your hair a break from the pulling that is caused by extensions, especially while sleeping.

Another reason to take breaks from wearing your ponytail is because it might inhibit the growth of your real hair. Because the ponytail is attached to your real, hair leaving the ponytail on for too long can cause damage and irritation.

If you do want your hair to match the ponytail you must find the right shade, which can be tough.

Woman with a ponytail

I hope you enjoyed our tips and knowledge on ponytails and why they're so useful and an asset to have in one's arsenal of hair. Please feel free to check out our store for ponytails or any other extension!


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