November 25, 2021 1 min read

Hey Hey!

Back at it again with another blog post, this time we will be doing a showcasing of our Futura Wigs!

So before I get into the video, naturally, I'll have to answer the question in your minds on what the heck are "Futura Wigs". Weeellll, these are a premium line of synthetic wigs made from special Japanese fibers which closely matches human hair consistencies and texture. These are like the virgin hair of synthetic wigs as they can definitely pass off as Human Hair Wigs.

These wigs can be curled and straightened but at low heats so as to not damage the fibers.

Let me stop my yapping and get into this video. Please leave a comment below with the wig you liked the most. To be honest, in the video the Elizabeth wig was named the favorite, but that Pisces wig is where it's at! Let me know what you think below!


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