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Tape-in hair extensions have been all the rave in the world of cosmetology for some time now, and rightly so! After all, they give an incredible volume and look to your natural hair with minimal to no damage. Plus, the cost of putting and maintaining these hair extensions is quite reasonable. All-in-all, tape-in hair extensions are arguably one of the best additions you can make to your hair.

That said, like any other beauty add-on, tape-in hair extensions require some amount of upkeep, or else they will lose their shine and longevity. Many users get tape-ins installed and don’t give them the TLC they need, which results in damaged and dull-looking tape-in strands. If you don’t want that for your tape-in extensions, you should care for them properly. And to help you do so, here is a detailed rundown of proper ways to care for your tape-in extensions.

Brush Them Religiously

Just as you comb your natural hair regularly, you need to give your tape-in extensions the same treatment to keep them tangle-free. If you don’t do that, your externally installed locks will develop knots that will get hard to remove as the time passes.

Once that happens, and your extensions get tangled, you will have to exert pressure while brushing in order to open the knots. Doing that will pull at your taped-in wefts and possibly loosen the bond.

Long story short, brush your tape-in extensions responsibly to keep them smooth.

Bonus Tip: Hold on to the roots/tapes while brushing to keep them from pulling.

Hair dryer, brush, pink comb and scrunchies

Don't Do Anything While They Are Wet.

When you wash your extensions, let them dry before you do anything. That is, don't go to sleep, straighten or curl your taped-in strands when they are wet because that's when their tapes will be weaker, and slip away easily with the slightest pull.

So, wait for your extensions to dry (at least 80%) before trying anything on them. Also, when going to sleep, tie a braid to keep them straight and knot-free.

Use a Heat Protectant Spray When Using Hair Tools

Who doesn’t love to curl or straighten their hair before heading out? Pretty much nobody! And that holds for hair extensions as well!

Most people like their tape-in extensions to be styled with a curl-iron or straightener ever      so often. Doing so is okay as long as they follow the proper protocol and spray a heat protectant formula to ensure the heat doesn't damage the tassels.

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Choose Gentle Hair Products

Hair products have a significant impact on our hair and roots, which remains true for hair extensions as well. If a person is not careful about the chemical solutions they apply to their tape-in hair, they can reduce its lifespan. This means you should choose the right hair products when you have hair extensions installed.

While we cannot tell you which formulation you should pick for your tape-ins, we can certainly recommend the ones you shouldn’t.

Any item containing ethanol, oil, alcohol, silicone, and sulfate is a big no-no when it comes to applying hair products to hair extensions.

Ending Note

Taking proper care of tape-in extensions is essential if you want to keep them on for a good 10 to 12 weeks. If you wish to flaunt your voluminous locks without a care, you should give them the tender love and care they deserve! 

If you want to learn more about tape-ins or any other type of hair extensions or treatments, reach out to us today and allow us to put all your queries to rest!

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