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Sometimes you can’t go to the salon and need to remove your extensions in a pinch. We’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks on how to remove a variety of hair extensions on your own 😉

Before detailing our instructions, we’d like to inform you of the two large groups of hair extensions that will each have their similar subtypes.

I’m talkin’ about the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. The main difference between the two is the amount of time it will take until your extensions need to be removed or how long until the hair will no longer be at its best quality.

Human Hair

Array of Extensions

The first and most apparent thing about these extensions is that they are made with real human hair! This hair has no trouble looking natural rather than having to put more work into synthetic hair to make it look authentic. Natural hair extensions last much longer than synthetic material if taken care of properly.

It's no surprise that human hair needs natural hair care. It must be washed and styled like your own hair in order to look its best. Human hair also reacts to the weather and can change or fade its colors over time because it is not growing out of the scalp.

If you'd like your hair to look the most natural consider purchasing human hair extensions or wigs.

Of course, you should be looking out for what suits your budget, needs and time the best. If you're looking for a less expensive, less high maintenance option but shorter-lasting hair, synthetic extensions might be for you!

Synthetic Hair

Bundles of Extensions

Synthetic hair is much more low maintenance than its authentic counterpart. However, because of its fibers, it does not last as long as a year in comparison to human hair. 

Synthetic hair keeps its style and depending on the quality of one, you may not be able to tell it is synthetic just from looking, as cheaper synthetic hair does have a noticeable and unnatural shine.

When looking for the type of synthetic hair to get is also important to watch out, as some are not conducive to restyling or recoloring if they are not heat sensitive or the follicles are not made to adopt another color. Overall, synthetic wigs are quite budget-friendly and easy to maintain.

Hair Extension Removal

Now that you know how long your hair can last, let's get to some types of hair extensions out there and how to remove them! One thing for sure is that given the proper care, any type of hair extension can last the full potential of its type. Some extensions last 4-8 weeks or a few months, but if neglected all extensions will have a short life. 


Curly Clip-Ins

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Clip-In extensions are by far the easiest to remove on your own because of the easy nature of their application. They can be applied in a short amount of time and do not negatively impact your hair as much as other types of extensions. If taken care of well, worn for short intervals and washed after every dozen wears or so, good quality clip-ins can last a while.

To take out your clip-ins off simply unclip them from the base of the strand of hair they are attached to.



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Tape-ins are activated when using heat or peeling away the layer above the adhesive so that they stick to the strands of hair. Tape-ins need to be applied as close to the root of the hair as possible. Because an adhesive is being used, these extensions are somewhat easy to remove if you have the right product.

To remove tape-ins, you will need glue removing liquid. Alternatively, you could find an oil-based solution to loosen the adhesive as well. Carefully loosen the grip of the tape after applying the solution and repeat. The process of removing tape-ins could take up to an hour, and if it is your first time possibly longer. After removing, wash your hair to remove any remaining residue.

Some solutions you can use for removal are sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, oil sprays or oil solutions.



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Sew-ins are quite difficult to remove because they are meant to be somewhat permanent. Your hair is usually woven into braids first and the sew-in is then attached. The braiding is more intensive and not suited for thin hair. Other times the thread is woven into strands of hair. Application of these extensions can take hours so it's safe to assume removing these extensions will take a while as well. They can be in use for just over a month and have various styling options.

For removal, sew-ins need a pair of scissors. You will want to, layer by layer, cut the threads that hold the extensions on your hair if you have not braided before applying. Then use the thin end of a comb to draw out the thread of each layer. A detailed direction can be found here.

If you have braided your hair then attached the extensions, a similar process can be done like the one listed above or found in this video.

Bonded Hair

Micro Rings

Bonded hair also uses heat to apply adhesive and attach the hair, the difference is that the process of both application and removal is time-consuming and strenuous. These can take a few hours to apply and glue the extensions to your natural hair. These extensions are not for everyone because they can take a heavy toll on your hair health.

What you will need to remove these is similar to tape-ins, you will require a glue loosening solution and pliers. Apply the loosening solution on the bonds created by the glue on your hair and then loosen the strands with the pliers. If the strands are not coming off easily, add more solution. Then gently detach the strand from your real hair. The removal will take at least an hour, so please be gentle!

 Long Haired Woman

Thanks for giving us a read and we hope we could help you learn more about hair extensions and their removal 📢

Stay tuned for more blogs on various topics and remember to visit our store for your hair care needs.

If you'd like some more ways to care for your hair extensions visit here!


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