August 26, 2020 2 min read

It isn’t worth visiting a saloon during the pandemic when you can try these coolest DIY hairstyles at home and haveGood Hairday Everyday!

Here is some stay-at-home hair styling ideas to try on

 1. Dutch braid

If you are a French braider, the Dutch braid is a must-try for you. You don't need to make an expound braided style to have an effect. This dutch interlace begins at the roots at that pointcuts underneath your hair for a consistent, subtle pop of detail. It's likewise ideal for keeping strands out of your face!

 The Best Hairstyles to Try During the Pandemic

2. Messy bun

Spice up your regular bun. Surprisingly fast, a straightforward low braid can change into an intentionally muddled work of art. Simply make a couple of braids, tie them up them together, secure them into a bun and separate strands for a messy look.

The Best Hairstyles to Try During the Pandemic

3. Short hair braid

For short hairs, start by twisting hair all over and form matching French braids on the side of your head. Secure set up and you're all set!

The Best Hairstyles to Try During the Pandemic

 4. Waterfall braid ponytail

Start with two cascade twists on each side, with the first close to the crown of your head and the second more in the center. Now do a third one — this time a French braid — for fixing all the loose ends, finishing close to the scruff of your neck on each side. To polish off the look, arrange the two sides into a low braid.

The Best Hairstyles to Try During the Pandemic

5. Twisted bun

To make this super elegant twisted bun, start by pulling your hair once again into a half updo then section remaining portion of hair underneath. Maneuver hair into a braid and twist the pieces. At that point, make the twisted pieces into a beautiful bun and clip it.

 The Best Hairstyles to Try During the Pandemic

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