July 14, 2021 1 min read

Tips for proper care of your I-Tips

Here are some of our best tips and hacks from Cheveux luxury to make sure you get the most wear from your I-tips!

 Tips for proper care of your I-TipsTips for proper care of your I-Tips

  • Use neutral shampoos and avoid shampoos that are heavy in parabens and sulphates, this will help to retain the softness in the hair.
  • Refrain from shampooing at the root/tip, only lather shampoo near the ends/middle of the extension
  • When using a conditioner, leave it in for approximately 3 minutes, to ensure your hair is tangle free after, gently comb through them, and then wash.
  • Ensure you dry the I-tips after washing them, refrain from letting them airdry as the connectors may become damp and weak.
  • Keep your hair oil-free and dirt free, wash it regularly to avoid buildup.
  • Make sure you comb through the extensions which avoids tangles and hair loss.
  • When using heat on your hair, to make sure they keep their lovely soft texture, then it is advised to use a heat protection spray.

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