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 Wedding Ceremony

With spring leaving and summer on its way, it's safe to say it's once again wedding season. You may be looking for some hair to sport for your wedding or maybe inspiration for a loved one. Either way we have prepared you with some options to get you thinking 💐


Our first style is a classic in the wedding world, the infamous bun! With all the extra hair you get from extensions you might just want to put it up and create a voluminous bun.

Woman with bun 1

As you can see, buns can come in a variety of styles, some with swirls, curls and accent pieces. Here we have two buns, one more tight and round and the other loose with a few elegant detached curls.

Woman with bun 2

Woman with bun 3

Woman with bun 4

With a bun one thing for sure is that it will be secure and low maintenance throughout the day of the wedding so that you can focus on what really matters 😘


If you have the opportunity to get some extensions why not consider waist-length hair? Long braids can be elegant, giving you a goddess-like appearance.

Black Woman with protective braids 1

You can always customize the parting of your braids as well to suit your wedding attire.

Black Woman with protective braids 2

For some non-protective braids, these styles with extensions can create some next level styles.

Woman with braids 1

The braid above can be loose, puffed out and have accents added to them. The braid below creates a crown around the head with flowers inserted between the strands.

Woman with braids 2

Crown braids are a beautiful choice as they are well suited for weddings in nature since they are more laid back styles often with flowers, which compliment natural venues or settings.

Woman with braids 3

Woman with braids 4

Braids may need some touch ups throughout the day but overall they create an ethereal look.


A ponytail is simple but can be enhanced with extensions. Some go-to ponytail looks are high ponytails that are puffed out and have waves created within them.

Woman with ponytail 1
Woman with ponytail 2
Ponytails also give you the option for a sleek more low maintenance style if you are using extensions. With puffed out ponytails, depending on the weather's humidity it may need many touch ups and re applications of hairspray and such. If you choose a more straight hair type extension and lay it down flat for the day, that ponytail will be easier to take care of.
Woman with ponytail 3
Woman with ponytail 5
Woman with ponytail 6
If you want to learn more about ponytail extensions you can visit our blog post on them here (insert link)


If you'd like to go natural for your wedding but need some extra volume, some extensions would do great for you! If you know what type of 4 level hair you have you will have little trouble picking out your extensions.

Woman with an afro 1
Afro hair can be styled on its own with accents inserted within it or can be sleeked back and puffed outward on the top of the head.
Woman with an afro 2
The style can also create beautiful shape and dimensions as can be seen below with an almost heart shaped hairdo!
Woman with an afro 3
They can also come in a variety of sizes, with extensions the possibilities of size and volume are endless!
Woman with an afro 4


Finally we have some wavy hair 🌊 I know it might seem simple, but a beautiful wave is not to be ignored!

Woman with long wavy hair
Waves can come in any length depending on the extensions you have and the length of your hair. You can rock almost finger wave length that would go well if the theme for your wedding is vintage or retro.
Woman with very short wavy hair
Shoulder length wavy hair also creates a retro look that is both manageable and graceful.
woman with shoulder length wavy hair

Happy summer! Thanks for taking a look at our recommendations and we hope you'll be able to pass them on or rock them at your own wedding!

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