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There’s always a time for change, and there are many points in the year where you can take the opportunity to spice up your hair and try something new! Here, we have several occasions of hair to inspire you and allow you to plan how you’re going to look snatched ✨ 


My guess is that you’ll be attending a few weddings this spring and need some ideas to steal the show (not overshadowing the bride of course 😉)

Woman with a ponytail

A sleek and simple ponytail is a nice, low maintenance choice for a wedding day whether you are a bridesmaid or bride. A high ponytail with braids can add an extra dimension to your look as well.

Woman with high ponytail

Wavy and curly hair can also be a tasteful choice as they can be easily accessorized.

Woman with wavy hair

Woman with curly hair

If you’d like some bridal styles for yourself check out our blog post on wedding styles with extensions (insert link) 

Halloween & Thanksgiving

Whether you go trick or treating or maybe just have a small spooky party you’ll want something that plays into your costume or can stand alone 🎃

Halloween web hair style 1

Halloween web hairstyle 2

The spooky season also means trying some hair colours that you have been too scared to try before. Here is a nice blend of classic Halloween colors.

Halloween colored hair 1

You can also accessorize colored hair with crowns of your choice. In this case the style below has aptly chosen a crown of candy corn!

Halloween colored hair 2

If you don't want to let your hair down, then a monster or pumpkin bun might be to your liking. You don't have to color your hair for this type of style as it relies primarily on additional accessories but colors do give your hair a fine touch.

Monster bun

Pumpkin bun

Ponytail with spider web detailing

You might want a more subtle spider look so here are some threads arranged in a pattern on the hair and gathered on the neck to create the look of a stemming spider web 🕷️

Shaved head with ghost details

If you want something really spooky consider taking inspiration from these ghosties 👻 and the scary skeleton heads below 💀

Braid with skulls

Autumn is also the season of Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice and falling leaves. Here some subtle hairstyles and colors that go with the season 🍁

Reddish brown curly haired afro

Autumn leave colored hair

Autumn red colored hair


‘Tis the season! Because Christmas is always closer than you think 👀 Rest assured there will be many gatherings during the Christmas season and we want to make sure that your hair is festive!

Braided hair with bows

Christmas is all about going over the top and decorating your hair like you would a tree. Here we have some hair ornamented with bows, stars and ornaments 🎄

Hair braided to look like a Christmas tree

Long hair with Christmas ornaments

There are also many possibilities in using other plants to create a look. You can use the likeness of holly trees, mistletoe and even create the image of a wreath within your hair!

Green holly Christmas hair

White mistltoe hair

Wreath braided hair

Finally, you can get a little fresh with a bit of a take on a mint candy cane 🍬

Candycane colored hair


Its time for chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs here are some Easter styles to try this spring holiday 🐇

Colorful hair 1

Colorful hair 2

Nothing says Easter eggs like pastel shades of pink, purple, blue and yellow.

Women with braids 1

Women with braids 2

Along with the change in color you can try out some braids either creating a circle upon the head or two side braids to mimic a rabbit's two ears.

Women with rabbit style hair

Lastly, is a little playful style with the tail of a bunny as a pom pom to be attached to a bun, leaving two strands of hair for ears.


Your birthday is your day to enjoy and savor, in other words it's your time to shine ☀️

Yellow Hair

On your birthday you won't just shine like the sunshine you are but you'll also shine like a diamond 🤩 A beautiful metallic or bright color is always a nice change for a new year of life.

Silver Hair

On your birthday if it's not already obvious enough some red hair might alert others that its your special day!

Red Hair

If you want a style that's out of this world why not try some space buns! ⭐

Space Buns and Braids

Lastly, if you want something low key but still elegant, some braids with metal rings and accents is something to consider 🧐

Braids with metallic accents


Psst. over here! If you want some Valentine’s day hair ideas check out our blog post on date night hairstyles here.

Thanks for tuning into our top hair styles for the year, 

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