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Wig Care! Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wig

Wigs are a common trend nowadays as more and more people are trying to get their hands on them. Even though they are a hot commodity most people don’t realize that wigs are very delicate and require proper care. As a result they face the issue of damaged wigs and a loss in the overall look of it. It must be very disheartening to see your expensive and dear investment turn into shreds. Nonetheless, don’t worry because our team at Cheveux Luxury is here to help. In the following article, we will discuss proper wig care by detailing everything from its handling, washing ,cleaning, etc and everything in between. 

Wig Care! Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wig
How often should you wash your wig? 
One mistake that people make is that they wash their wigs too often. This can damage the structure of the wig and its overall look.There are many factors that you need to consider like how often you wear them, the environments and climates you wear your wig in etc. But generally you should wash your wig after wearing it 24-25 times.
Wig Care! Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wig
What should I do daily to maintain my wig? 
When working with your wig, always be gentle as it is very delicate. You should gently comb your wig or use a wig brush to clean. 
Also, never handle your wig rough when it is wet and avoid twisting or rubbing your wig as well!!!
Wig Care! Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wig
Which products to use ? 
You should not use normal shampoo and conditioners on your wigs. These can damage your wig and it can start to fall apart. Always use wig shampoo for washing your wig and remember to use a wig conditioner as it helps to increase the looks and life of the wig.
Wig Care! Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wig
How to wash my wig?
Before washing gently comb the wig so that there are no tangles left in the hair. Soak your wig for 4-5 minutes in cold water along with wig shampoo. Gently swirl your wig without bending or rubbing it. Take out your wet wig and place it on the stand. Allow the wig to dry at room temperature. You should not use a brush or comb on your wet hair. Once dry
gently brush or comb your wig and avoid using combs on your curly wigs. 
Wig Care! Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wig
What to do when I am not wearing it? 
Whenever you do not need to wear your wig make sure that it is kept safe. Wigs are very delicate and can get damaged easily. Ensure
you keep the wig on a wig stand in order to maintain its quality. Make sure wig is perfectly placed on a stand in an environment where nothing can harm it. 
Bonus Tip:- You should avoid your wig coming in direct contact with heat like as it can damage the wig hair. For the same reason you should not use a hair dryer on your wig.
Now that you know the basics on how to take care of wigs, you can purchase one of our premium quality wigs from our lineup.
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