February 13, 2022 3 min read

Love is in the air! And if you’d like to spice up any dates this Valentine's day here we recommend some ways to put some love up in that hair 😘

We’ve included a variety of styles to really bring alive that special day of yours 💕

1. Hearts, hearts, hearts

Of course in style this time of year are hearts! More specifically we’ve been seeing a lot of braids with heart parts 🙌

Heart Part Braids
📷 from  @braidsbyshymoney  on Instagram


If you’d like to do this at home or want a tutorial we’d recommend DOPEaxxPANA’s  video.

For some non-protective styling, here are some heart-shaped hairdos for other textures 💖

Heart Braid Crown
📷 from  @designmehair  on Instagram


These heart braids truly emphasize the crown you’re meant to wear, queen 👑

Heart Bun
📷 from  @shearbeautyoasis  on Instagram


If you’re in a pinch a heart bun is a quick fix that you can elevate with curls! You can easily alter a bun donut or twist large strands of hair on alternating sides of the head to achieve this look.

These styles can be enhanced using extensions and clip-ins that can be found on our  website. Let’s face it, hearts are the symbol of the season so you might as well sport one! 

2. Warm Colors 

Say goodbye to cool colors and say hello to something heartwarming 😍

If you’d like to try something bold this Valentine’s day why not try a red or rose front lace wig!

Red Lace Wig
📷 from  @slayedbyjess  on Instagram

The color red combined with delicate curls is sure to make all the heads turn 🔥

If you're looking to find a red look this Valentine’s day try our  tape-ins,  clip-ins  or  wigs

Pink Hair Wavy Hair
📷 from  @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon  on Instagram


Whether you’re into soft or saturated colors there’s nothing better than a pop of pink 💗 

If you really want to pull out that little black dress and that neutral make-up look, a flashy hairdo is the way to go!

3. The Bob 

Perhaps you’re looking for a shorter look that's easier to manage. Well, if you're daring enough to ditch that extra hair this Valentine's day, consider getting a bob!

Curly Bob
📷 from  @bisousbyghislaine  on Instagram
Wavy Bob

📷 from  @darra_eva_  on Instagram

They can be worn, wavy, curly or straight and sleek and they really emphasize that jaw-line or face shape that we all love 👏

Straight Bob

📷 from  @hairriloves  on Instagram

4. Barbie Girl 

Ok so you’d like to wear your hair up instead, then this might be for you! 

The Barbie-inspired ponytail was circulating in popularity in 2020 and 2021 and this Valentine’s season you might want to wear this material girl look for your date 💅

Barbie Ponytail Neutral

📷 from  @stylezbyjordy  on Instagram

Highlight Barbie Braid

📷 from  @theponygoddess  on Instagram

Here is a ponytails that opts for braided extensions and clip-ins slicked back and given those beautiful waves 🌊

Braided Ponytail

📷 from  @misst_magichands  on Instagram

 Feel free to check out our  clip-in ponytails  to expand your options!

5. Wand curls

You really can’t go wrong with a good curl. Paired with the right color wand curls can look downright ethereal 😇

You can enhance your curls with a half up half down ponytail or bun.

Wand Curls Black

📷 from  @slaydbylossa  on Instagram

Wand Curls White

📷 from  @naethehairtech  on Instagram

Wand Curls Red

📷 from  @grant_mywishes  on Instagram

Whichever style you choose this Valentine’s day season you can be sure that you’ll look beautiful. Confidence is key!

Thanks for giving us a read and stay tuned for more articles in the near future 👀

If you’d like to check out our site to help you with your hair journey we are only one  click  away 👋

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