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Getting into hair extensions can be tricky if you're doing it on your own or for the first time. It's hard to know which ones to purchase or ask for when going to a salon. Don't worry we've got you covered 😘 Let's get into two common types of extensions: Lace frontals and lace closures.

Lace Frontals

Lace frontals are extensions that have the portion of the hairline typically as 13 inches long and 2-5 or sometimes 7 inches wide. If you have enough frontal pieces they can actually be used to create an entire wig if sewn together because of their large size. The length provides maximum coverage and the ability to part your hair in a multitude of ways.Lace Front Diagram

They are meant to fit from ear to ear of someone’s head and cover the entire hairline. The section that is not the hair is the lace, and can sometimes be silk. Lace frontals however tend to look more natural because of the lace material and its ability to blend in with your skin.

If you're interested in other lace frontals other than the traditional kind, there are a few other varieties. There are silk and lace combinations or silk frontals on their own, as mentioned above, both used in the piece that is closest to the hairline 💇‍♀️

Lace frontals also have a quick installation time as opposed to sew-in extensions averaging on an hour or less or lone pieces or an hour and a half for a front lace wig.


Lace Closures

Lace Closure Diagram

Closures usually have 4 by 4 inch hairline section and are usually put on the middle or side part of the head. Closures are smaller because they usually close off or finish an install that has a missing piece. Closures are also great for concealing any patches of hair loss.

The size does come with a loss of options. Because they are so small there is not much that can be done with them in comparison to frontals. It is also tough to get a lace closure to look natural because of its size. But closures do provide the availability to make small, last-minute changes because of its small size equaling a short installation time if you are only using one or two pieces.

Closures unlike frontals do not create a hairline. You can purchase closures having been pre-parted with a middle part, three-part or no part at all.

Lace closures can create a wig as well but you will need many more of them to create the wig as opposed to one frontal.



Because lace frontals have a greater length, width and amount of hair, they will be more expensive than closures 💸 When you purchase a frontal you are also purchasing its versatility and longevity. Lace frontals cost anywhere from 80 - 200 dollars on their own. The cost also depends on whether the hair is real human hair or synthetic, dyed and its size.

Lace closures also range in price but are generally a lower price than frontals, but again high quality frontals can go for a price just as high as frontals depending on hair quality, color, etc.

Application & Styling

Hair Tools

You can glue, sew or create a wig using frontals. We recommend bleaching the knots of both frontals and closures so that the appearance of the lace is less apparent. You can also tweeze some of the hair of the frontal or closure so that when you measure it to match your hairline your alterations can allow it to look more realistic. Along with tweezing the hairline you can trim some of the hairline hair in order to create edges as well.

Overall if you enjoy hair versatility we recommend lace frontals over lace closures. Frontals really allow for changing styles in many ways including braiding, putting the hair up and different partings. Frontals and closures are also comfortable for your hair and are a good protective style if done well.

Here are some steps and products you can use if you're applying a frontal at home!

1 - Gather the right products

Shopping Bag

Usually you will need a glue or tape to install the frontal to your hairline. In other cases you can use a band to attach the frontal so that it is not directly on your skin. The glue we recommend using is the Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, the Bold Hold Extreme Cream Adhesive For Lace Wigs & Hair Pieces or the Ghost Bond XL With Extra Moisture Control to get started 🛍️

You will also need a small brush for your edges and a parting comb if you plan on styling it. If you are installing a full front lace wig you will also likely want a cap to protect your hair, but you can also install the wig directly on your hair if you wish.

If you want to use tape to secure your frontal we recommend using Bold Hold Lace Wig Tape, Walker Ultra Hold Mini Tabs, or a roll of no name brand wig tape can do as well. A downside of using tape is that the frontal may not lay as flat on the hairline as it would with glue, however it does cut down on installation time.

2 - Preparation

Measuring Tape

Before putting on your frontal or front lace wig, make sure you measure your head on the hairline of the wig or frontal as well 📏 The accuracy of your measurements create the natural fit that you want to have when wearing a frontal. As mentioned above you can bleach the lace to better match your skin tone and pluck the hair to create a matching hairline before applying.

After measuring, if you are using a wig, align the wig and place it on your head. Then fold back the lace hairline to give you room to apply the adhesive. If you are only applying a frontal piece, test it out on your hairline to see if it is to your liking so that you can put it on later.

Next you should prepare your head. If you are using glue or tape, wipe down the skin of your hairline to get rid of any oils, dirt or makeup so that the adhesive can do its best job. Next if you are using glue, use a small amount across the hairline, making sure not to get the glue on your hair. If you get the glue or tape on your hair it will damage your hairline. You will want to take a thin tool like the end of a parting comb and flatten out the glue so that it is evenly spread.

You do not directly want to apply the frontal after applying the glue. Some glues become clear after application so that's an indication to wait 10-15 minutes before putting on the frontal. If you are looking for an extreme hold, you may want to put on two or even three layers, but if it is your first time try out just one layer first and adjust afterwards.

3 - Application

After measuring and applying the adhesive, you will want to carefully put on your front lace wig without moving it back and forth on the hairline so as to not disrupt the adhesive. For the lace frontal you will want to do the same thing and carefully place the frontal on your hairline.

You will then want to press the hair onto the hairline a bit so that it is secure. Once your hair is secure you will want to cut the excess lace off with scissors or an eyebrow/ facial razor. If the lace is a bit too long at the ears feel free to cut that off as well and then secure the remaining lace part of the hairline near the ear ✂️

If you are applying a full lace wig you will also need to secure the back of the head near the neck in the same fashion.

4 - Touch ups

Make Up

Once you've applied your lace frontal or lace frontal wig you can begin to fix some things up. If you have glue that goes beyond the hairline you can use a q-tip and some alcohol to clean it off, being careful to not touch the lace itself. 

If the lace is a tad off from the color of your skin you can use some powder to color correct it. You can also use a brush and gel to create some edges along the hairline as well. You can also use a hot comb, blow dryer or straightener to further style and part the hair.

Blow Dryer

Some Downsides

Thumbs Down

Although Lace frontals and closures are versatile, there are some circumstances they may cause some issues. If your lace frontals are installed for too long it may lead to hairline damage. Usually, frontals don't need maintenance for a few weeks but because of installations being done with glue or tape such materials can wear away your edges and irritate your skin. So take care to regularly maintain your frontals and get them taken off or replaced when needed.


Thank you for giving us a read! Please feel free to take a look at our Frontals, Closures or Front Lace Wigs to meet your hairstyle needs.

We hope you found our guide and tips helpful enough to find your way around lace frontals and closures. Do not worry if your application is not perfect the first time because you can always practice to perfect it!


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